Saturday, November 13, 2010

General Tso Tofu - China Chef

I don't know about you but one of my favorite things to get at Chinese places was that good standby - General Tso Chicken.  Well, now that I've been educated about how the world works, I clearly can't support that anymore.  So what's left?

Get ready kids, I'm on the hunt for the best General Tso tofu (or seitan) in Rochester!

Today's entry comes from the venerable (ish) China Chef in Webster NY (link).  When you think of Chinese take-out, this place comes to mind.  Very small on the inside, only a few tables and chairs, loud workers shouting at each other in some non-english asian language .. it's perfect!

The downside, a tad pricey, 7.25 for lunch, no special.  Also, the tofu itself is pretty straightforward, deep fried I believe, then stir fried in the sauce.  The upside, the sauce is really good!  The tofu is pretty good as well, no complaints .... just nothing spectacular, ya know?  It has a nice crispy outside and light inside.  It's good stuff.

Don't panic, this General Tso tofu is good.  :)

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